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2025 Global Changemakers

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Tackling Global Goals through Community Action

In early 2025, Learn2Link (L2L) will launch its second virtual exchange program between high-school-age youth in Vietnam and the U.S. This extra-curricular, global leadership program will run for six months.

Program Description

Every other weekend, our 2025 Global Changemakers will virtually come together via Google Meet. Each meeting will last for approximately two hours and will be co-facilitated by L2L mentors. During this time, 5–10 high-school-age youth in Vietnam and the U.S. will participate in social-emotional and project-based learning activities.


Our 2025 Global Changemakers program will occur in three phrases:




  • February–March: Changemakers will begin to cultivate deeper self-awareness, as they explore their individual identities and interests within a globalized context.  







  • July-August: Changemakers will implement their collaborative community project and complete final self-reflection assignments.

This program has been designed to help young people across the world develop 21st century learning and career readiness skills, so they may go on to flourish in the Information Age, as more empathetic, interconnected, and purpose-driven global citizens.

Are you a Grade 9-12 student, who is interested in joining our 2025 Global Changemakers Program?


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*This is a FREE program. The original start date has been postponed to 2025.

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