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Our Work

Our mission is to become a global learning network that inspires youth-led community development and

peace through education.

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Bolivia–U.S. Exchange

In 2019, our co-founders traveled to Jupapina, Bolivia—just outside of La Paz—in order to facilitate a pilot virtual exchange between English as a Second Language (ESL) learners there and eighth grade students in New York City. Learn more about this vital seed project for Learn2Link (L2L) by heading over to our blog


Vietnam-U.S. Exchange

In early 2023, L2L launched a six-month virtual exchange program between high-school-age youth in Vietnam and the U.S. This program will culminate with youth-led community development projects in both countries. Visit our program page to learn more today! And don't forget to sign-up for our newsletter updates. ;-))

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Learn2Link's virtual exchange programs strive to foster human-to-human connections and sustainable community development projects amongst our global youth.


We know that today, this type of interpersonal, project-based learning experience is largely missing from the world’s public education systems.

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