Our Work

Our mission is to become a global learning network that inspires youth-led community development and

peace through education.

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Bolivia-U.S. Exchange

In 2019, our co-founders traveled to Jupapina, Bolivia—just outside of La Paz—in order to facilitate a pilot virtual exchange between English as a Second Language (ESL) learners there and eighth grade students in New York City. Learn more about this vital seed project for Learn2Link (L2L) by heading over to our blog


Vietnam-U.S. Exchange

We are currently developing a 12-month pilot virtual exchange to be held between 10th and 11th grade youth in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Huế, Vietnam.

This program is expected to launch in the fall of 2022, and it will culminate with youth-led community development projects in both Colorado and Vietnam.

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Learn2Link's virtual exchange programs strive to foster human-to-human connections and sustainable community development projects amongst our global youth.


We know that today, this type of interpersonal, project-based learning experience is largely missing from the world’s public education systems.