Vietnam–U.S. Exchange

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This fall, Learn2Link (L2L) will be launching a 10-month pilot exchange program between high-school-age youth in Hue, Vietnam and Colorado Springs, U.S.


Approximately 4-6 young people in Hue and 4-6 young people in Colorado Springs will be selected to participate in this exciting new virtual exchange program!

Program Description

Each week, our 2022–2023 Vietnam–U.S. Exchange participants will be meeting with their home learning labs after school, for approximately 90 minutes. During these meetings, L2L youth will be participating in a discussion-based curriculum, rooted in social-emotional and project-based learning experiences.


In addition to these meetings, L2L youth will have video calls with their exchange partner labs every three weeks. They will also be responsible for completing weekly self-reflection and homework assignments—utilizing Google Workspace and WhatsApp—with their designated exchange partners.


Our 2022–2023 Vietnam–U.S. Exchange is scheduled to occur in three phases:


LEARN (Fall-Winter)


  • October-December: L2L youth will focus on exploring their countries, their roles as ambassadors, and who they are as individuals.


  • January-March: L2L youth will be focused on exploring the problems that exist in their home communities, while also aligning these problems with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each learning lab will then vote to decide on one SDG to work towards this year, through the development and implementation of a small-scale service-learning project.


LINK (Spring)


  • March-June: L2L youth will focus on developing service-learning projects, to be carried out in their home communities during the summer months.


GROW (Summer)


July-August: L2L youth will be carrying out their service-learning projects in their home communities and completing a year-end personal reflection project.

This is a free program. Donations of any size can always be made at learn2link.org/donate.


L2L will soon be recruiting participants and volunteers for its 2022-2023 Vietnam-U.S. Exchange! If you are a secondary student (Grades 8-11) in either Hue or Colorado Springs, or if you are a volunteer who is interested in joining our program, please visit our Apply Now page!


We plan to open applications in mid-August and accept them through

Friday, September 2, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. MDT.* 

*This is a tentative schedule.