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Our Team

Abby Faires

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Abby (she/her) is passionate about facilitating human-to-human connections that can explore and transcend cultural and socioeconomic boundaries.

As a writer, an educator, and a co-founder, Abby has more than ten years of combined experience working and volunteering in the education and nonprofit sectors, as well as living and working internationally.

Learn2Link Abby Faires

Josh Dilts

Co-Founder & Associate Director

Josh (he/him) is passionate about using technology to instill peace and empathy in young learners.

As an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor, Josh brings more than seven years of combined experience working and volunteering in the education and nonprofit sectors, as well as living and working internationally, to Learn2Link.


Nghi Le

Program Support

Nghi's (she/her) greatest professional calling is to work with young learners, in order to explore and actualize their possibilies.

Collectively, Nghi has 16 years of experience working and volunteering as a freelance educator. Trained as a teacher, she has been living in the city of Huế and teaching English as a Foreign Language to Vietnamese learners from ages 9-17.

Learn2Link Nghi Le

Tam Phan

Program Support

Tâm (she/they) believes education is a powerful tool, which can help us to guide our global youth to love and appreciate people, nations, and cultures.

Tâm is a 2021 graduate of United World Colleges—Dilijan, Armenia and is currently enrolled in her second year at Colorado College. For the last five years, Tâm has been organizing, volunteering for, and participating in educational projects.

Learn2Link Tam Phan
Len headshot 1.png

Len Nguyen

Graphic Design & Outreach Support

Len (she/her) would not have become who she is today if she hadn’t made the bold choice to step out of her comfort zone and expose herself to a completely new learning environment at just 16. She now believes deeply in every individual’s potential to shine bright if they are placed into the right environment.

Since her leap to the U.S. in 2016, Len has contributed many hours to supporting humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange initiatives. She is now working as a clinical lab technologist at the renowned Mayo Clinic.

Our Board


Wendy Hackemack

Wendy Hackemack (she/her) has been the Chief Financial Officer for Consolidated Restaurant Operations, Inc. for more than 25 years. Wendy has also served as the treasurer and a member of the Executive Committee of a Dallas-based nonprofit arts organization for the past 10 years.


John Kaldy

John Kaldy (he/him) is the Co-Owner of Kaldy Services, Inc., which has been in operation for more than 20 years.


Katie Sobrito

Katie Sobrito (she/her) has a master's degree in Special Education and has served as the Special Education Coordinator for Chesterfield County Public Schools.

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